Visual Learning has been proven time and time again to be one of the best methods to get a message across and to make a long lasting impact.

This is especially applicable when it comes to training and educating a workforce.

Various methods and tools in the visual training field can be developed by CES to be used for specific training interventions- such as In- house training.

Training Materials include the following:

  • DVD Presentations for In-House training interventions

A DVD presentation contains a combination of PDF slideshows and HD quality DVD footage that can be used in conjunction with basic animations and pointers.

  • Video Clips to be used for In-House training interventions:

DVDs or AVI files containing training footage that can be shown in house.


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  • Training Learner Guides

Solitary text can seem sparse and uninspiring. Research has shown that a learner will only remember 10% of what he has read after 2 weeks, in stark comparison to the 50% of what he/she hears and sees. It is therefore important to combine learning booklets and guides with visual imagery, such as photos and illustrations, to make learning easier and more efficient.

  • Visual material, e.g. cartoons, posters, etc.

SOPís, Occupational Health and Safety and Company rules and Procedures can all be converted into a comic format or on poster. These comics and posters contain strong visual elements and even branded characters that can be distributed or presented to the workforce.

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