Frequently Asked Questions 


How is a food safety system implementation process managed by CES?

CES will conduct site visits to coach and guide the HACCP or Food Safety Team throughout the implementation process right up to the Certification Audit as per the time-lines of a pre-agreed Project Proposal.

Who Certifies the Company after the implementation is completed?

It is recommended that the Company select an accredited body to do the Certification Audit.


How is the implementation conducted?

CES will generate various Procedures and related Records as is dictated by the relevant Standard and then work-shop them with the Food Safety Team to align them with the operational requirements of the Company.


Does training form part of the implementation?

Yes. The type of training depends on the system being implemented but always include training on the actual system, the system documents, internal auditing, etc.


When is CES finished with assisting the Company?

CES continue to assist to prepare the Company for Certification by an accredited Certification Body as per the time-lines of a pre-agreed Project Proposal.


How much does a Food Safety Management System implementation costs?

Costs depends on the system being implemented and on other elements such as the number of sites to be visited, geographical location and complexity. A cost estimation is supplied as part of a formal Project Proposal.


Does the training leads to Certificates being issued to the participants?

Yes, definitely. All training workshops and other formal training interventions are awarded with certificates of competency.